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About Us

About Us

Concilia is a company that specializes in Class Action Claims Administration. Founded by two bilingual software engineers from Montreal (QC), Concilia offers turnkey solutions for class action settlements to a diverse client base including major corporations and specialized class action law firms.

With trusted experts in claims administration, Concilia services provide oversight through the stages of planning, case management, notice administration and settlement payout distribution. The claims administration process is customized, digitized, and monitored to meet exact case requirements, while ensuring strict quality control and high level data security. Backed by a team of technology experts and equipped with tools such as targeted social media ad campaigns, customized web development and business analytics, Concilia’s services provide customers with the ability to reach the largest audience possible, for all types of settlements.

The Team

Concilia was founded by two software engineers who combine 20 years of industry relevant experience in technology and process engineering. They identified and filled a gap in the industry of collective class action claims management services.

Moran Solomon

CEO and founder of Concilia, Moran Solomon works with clients to ensure that mandates are well-defined and delivered within scope & timeline.

Senior technology executive, Moran has a history of envisioning and operationalizing IT infrastructure solutions that propel service delivery, scalability, and growth through emerging technologies. Operational leader, he has led various mission-critical IT projects for important clients and has empowered teams of experts through the various stages of project lifecycles.

Che Hodgins

CTO of Concilia, Che Hodgins oversees the technology infrastructure and services of the company. He is also responsible for structuring all elements of client campaigns from inception to delivery & reporting. 

Software Engineer by trade, Che started his career designing and optimizing high traffic web applications. With the advent of mobile apps and integrated technology, he has established successful startups in the claims management, sports & music industries. Ultimately, his passion is turning ideas into innovative commercial products.